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l’m still here! More art coming soon!

I’m still here! more Art coming soon! Until then stay updated on and



Art Outside MD 2015 – Baltimore, New Beginnings

Fidel My first art fair. An enormous amount of stress went into getting this together. A fair amount of money too. I’m exhausted. It was hot. It was humid. It was rainy during set up. I didn’t sell any artwork. But I did me. I created my space and gave my message. I learned. I gained experience.The sun came out. It didn’t rain again. I had friends come and support me. I had family come and support me. I met some fellow artists. I bought some great art. I met some nice people, went out for dinner after. And I met Loring Cornish. That was a game changer. What a day. Til the next fair, I think. What a year this is turning out to be.Fidel Art Outside 1

Ranazul-My First Solo Exhibit and Reception! The Journey Continues..


Wow! Yesterday was one of the biggest events of my life to date. It was my largest accomplishment as a budding artist and a huge success! An enormous success by my standards because what I had really been wanting was for people that know and love me, that I have a relationship with to be able to come together and experience another deeper aspect of who I am and for us to get know each other better. And let’s enjoy some delicious wine and food while we’re at it. We built history that evening. I’m humbled by the many parents, kids, friends, and family that came together to make this evening so special. I hope everybody had a great time and enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for all the support! I hope I have and can continue to support you in the same way! Yesterday was me at my best.



Here is my working artist statement from the show:

I am a self-taught artist based out of Columbia, MD. I strive for pure creation. I love the energy and freedom I experience in drip painting and am drawn to different colors and combinations as they occur to me. I have the greatest respect and admiration for children, at their best they live from the place that I endeavor to create from. Art for me is about process, it is an avenue for me to return to and strengthen the place and practice of imagination. The creation itself is a symbol or by-product of the experience and journey taking place within me. The different color combinations that I invoke all have a unique statement, expressed in an unspoken language. I feel no allegiance whatsoever to any art tradition or design principles although I greatly admire Jackson Pollock and I respect and support all artists and art forms.
The dinner afterwards in the gallery was sublime experience 🙂
I learned so much for the whole process leading up to and preparing for the exhibit. I had just over three weeks from when I agreed to do the show to when it would be set up. I already had a lot of artwork but most of it was just loose canvas. I had to buy the wooden bars and stretch and staple all of the paintings myself. I had to make last minute adjustments, touch-ups and re-adjustments. I also had to paint and repaint a few new and some already created paintings. Many valuable lessons learned from this experience.
This is what I feel learning is, it’s experiencing and then interpreting and reinterpreting and creating and re-creating meaning from that experience. Sure, somebody could have told me all of the things I learned from this, but that takes all of the fun and meaning out of it. It takes the journey out of it, and journey is as important as the destination. It makes the destination worth arriving at. (Or so they say)
More pictures from the event here
Now, onto the next one. We are just getting started…

My First Solo Art Exhibit! Ranazul March 1-29, 2015

Ranazul flyer                Ranazul flyer 2

Wow this is exciting! I’ll be having my first solo art exhibit! All me! All the paintings I’ve been doing the past couple of years, I am finally going to get a chance to show people. And the best part is I have a lot of people that I would really like to see my artwork and I imagine they would like to see it too. 🙂

March 1-29, Reception March 8, 4-5pm

Ranazul 8171 Maple Lawn Blvd, Fulton, Md 20759

HoCo Open 2015

HoCo Open 2015

I finally made it into the HoCo Open! I’ve been wanting to participate in this show since I first saw it in 2010. It’s a great show, very interesting artwork from my perspective which means its colorful and there are things I hadn’t seen or thought of before. The show runs January 16-February 27 at the Howard County Center for the Arts. 8510 High Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Hoco Sexo Close Shot

This particular painting I submitted is a personal favorite of mine from 2012. That was the time when I was beginning to find my own style and beginning to experiment more and more. SEXO is how I used to sign my artwork from about 2010-2012. This was during my time at Howard Community College. The reason I chose that name Sexo is because the word sex is an iffy word in our society and I wanted to push the envelope a little bit. I wish we would be more open about ourselves as a society, expecially about subjects that are so universal. What’s the big deal? Where did this shame and fear of exposure come from? I don’t think its serving us very well. In any case I have faith that this will change, and I will do my part to continue to push the envelope in whatever way seems appropriate to me. The name Sexo was not something that I had seen before, it was unique to me and I knew that nobody else besides me would have used it. Plus, I was curious to see what kind of reaction it would get from my peers. It was mostly positive-actually it was all positive. 🙂

Hoco Sexo Medium Close Shot

I’ve since moved on to signing my artwork with my actual name, I’d rather not have to explain every single time somebody sees my work why I signed it with the name Sexo. That being said, the name to me represents an era during my journey as an artist as well as the energy I was working with during that period. Every now and then, Sexo may make an appearance.


Hoco Sexo Wideshot