Richard Jenkins, Healer  (Jon Rappoport) (paranormal abilities)

“From that point on, he developed paranormal abilities.”
You get an idea, he said. The idea is what you want. It could be money, it could be love, it could be anything—but you really want it. It’s not just an idle speculation. And then subconsciously, your imagination goes to work on it. The idea of what you want is the magnet, and imagination assembles energies around it that would produce the outcome. The problem is, most people don’t recognize this process is being forwarded by imagination. They don’t realize they’re gaining the power and means to achieve what they desire.
In his case, Richard said, the idea was Healing. That was where he started. And he knew his imagination was entering into that simple concept. And he followed his imagination. He entered into the process fully. Soon, he said, he took over. He “became” his imagination. He knew there were no wrong moves.
This was the gateway into healing for him. He walked through the gate and then it was all good. From that point on, he developed paranormal abilities. From that point on, his desire to heal was, as he said, transformed into “a dance.”
He told me it was hard to put into words what he was actually doing with a person to bring about healing, because it was so abundant. He was doing so many things with his energy and his intent to make healing happen.
He said something that stuck with me: his subjective world was becoming objective fact.
He was projecting his subjective world into the physical world. This was the power.

He said it was a secret available to anyone.

When I watched him work, I saw him enter the room where the patient was, and I felt he was creating healing from the inside out, so to speak. He was imaginatively and creatively projecting healing with every move he made. It was his subjective and spontaneous decision to make healing happen that was making things happen. It wasn’t anything else, really.

That was his power. And he could ignore anything else, because he didn’t need anything else.

It was as if he was demonstrating that: improvisation in the moment was all you needed.

In his room, where he worked, I became aware that the world is dedicated to the notion that the paranormal isn’t real. That is the position of the world. Of modern society. And he was working with that, like a sculptor works with clay. He welcomed that idea, that the paranormal wasn’t real. That was his “material.” He could re-shape it, make it into many different shapes, and ultimately he would show, not just the patient, but “everyone, all at once,” that there was another reality, and it was higher and wider and deeper.

For him, imagination became his “sculpting,” his demonstration.

And the last few times I watched him work, he transcended even that. He projected healing everywhere and it became the “replacement” for the status quo. In his presence, everything that wasn’t healing disappeared.

His subjective world became the objective world.

He proved to me, without trying to prove anything, that he was doing more than just working on the patient. Other people in the patient’s family began to be healed. And they weren’t in the room. They started to experience greater health and and a greater sense of well-being.

He said, “This is how imagination works.”

Jon Rappoport



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