HoCo Open 2015

HoCo Open 2015

I finally made it into the HoCo Open! I’ve been wanting to participate in this show since I first saw it in 2010. It’s a great show, very interesting artwork from my perspective which means its colorful and there are things I hadn’t seen or thought of before. The show runs January 16-February 27 at the Howard County Center for the Arts. 8510 High Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Hoco Sexo Close Shot

This particular painting I submitted is a personal favorite of mine from 2012. That was the time when I was beginning to find my own style and beginning to experiment more and more. SEXO is how I used to sign my artwork from about 2010-2012. This was during my time at Howard Community College. The reason I chose that name Sexo is because the word sex is an iffy word in our society and I wanted to push the envelope a little bit. I wish we would be more open about ourselves as a society, expecially about subjects that are so universal. What’s the big deal? Where did this shame and fear of exposure come from? I don’t think its serving us very well. In any case I have faith that this will change, and I will do my part to continue to push the envelope in whatever way seems appropriate to me. The name Sexo was not something that I had seen before, it was unique to me and I knew that nobody else besides me would have used it. Plus, I was curious to see what kind of reaction it would get from my peers. It was mostly positive-actually it was all positive. 🙂

Hoco Sexo Medium Close Shot

I’ve since moved on to signing my artwork with my actual name, I’d rather not have to explain every single time somebody sees my work why I signed it with the name Sexo. That being said, the name to me represents an era during my journey as an artist as well as the energy I was working with during that period. Every now and then, Sexo may make an appearance.


Hoco Sexo Wideshot


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