Small Wonders HCC Show/Bingo the Seahorse/A Little Bit More About Me and My Art

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I was in an art show last week! I haven’t been in more than a handful, it’s nice to show every once in a while. This was a bit of a tricky one since there was a size standard of 4×6. And that’s inches not feet, I don’t usually make anything that small.. I don’t usually make anything small at all if I can help it. It doesn’t usually have the effect I am looking for. Usually I want to overwhelm, but in a good way. I want you the viewer to be bathed in a gigantic experience of wild color and energy. Larger than you so that you can feel it all the more strongly. So I had to make something new. First attempt didn’t work, I wanted to use a 4×6 canvas board as 3D art rather than just an image. I think I had a very interesting concept too. It was going to be called I Love You, You Are The Best. A kid had once given me a piece of paper with those words on it and I was going to use that piece of paper in the piece. Talk about a huge honor. No award or recognition could ever mean more than that. On the backside of the board it was going to say I’ll Protect You From All The Things I’ve Seen. Crystal Castles reference there. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to finalize and secure everything before the deadline. This was the day before it was due. So the morning of the deadline I decide to make a new piece, also using a small canvas board as 3D art. I had a very interesting (to me) concept with that one too. There was a small army guy pointing his gun. In front of his gun were three “children” they were actually more like robots but they were made by a child to represent children. On the background/base of the work in large font I had written Forget The Real World Lets Prepare Them For College. In smaller writing I had also written They Got Money For Wars But Can’t Feed The Poor. One of my favorite 2Pac quotes. Anyways with this piece once again I did not have enough time to get the craftsmanship ready in a way that was satisfactory to myself. This is not something I usually care a whole lot about but if its going to shown to the public then I feel I have a certain responsibility to represent myself as best as possible. There’s definitely something to this piece and I will further explore it more in good time.


So I only have about an hour before I have to turn something in, I thought I might just have to sit this one out. And then I remembered a small drawing I had done about a year and a half ago during a very significant experience. This was drawn during the period where I really discovered that I was the artist of my art. Sounds funny but I hadn’t felt any sense of true freedom as an artist before this. I was always concerned with other people’s potential responses. Not as much anymore. This is what I like so much about being an artist. It seems to be one of the only-maybe the only place left in modern life where we have anything even approaching absolute freedom. And even then there are still risks involved. But usually insane things get a pass when we label them as “art”. It may be the only place left where we can do something for no reason at all and still retain some amount of respect from other people.  We lost the ability to play a long time ago unfortunately. (Hang onto it kids, don’t ever let that part of you go.) The part that does something just for the fun of it. Not because it’s a socially accepted activity. Not because other people have done it before.

I remember drawing this picture. I drew the seahorse and then the word BINGO was in my head. See what I do often when creating is I move on a feeling from my heart or my core and then usually an analog for that feeling pops into my head in the form of a word or phrase. That’s what the word BINGO was. It was a mental manifestation of the deeper energy which I chose to express through drawing and coloring the seahorse. I’m not always completely sure how to describe it. I do my best but these are not by any means complete definitions, they are open-ended.

Anyways, normally when I would get a thought such as that one, there would be a voice inside (probably voice of my department of self-preservation) that would say, “hey, how are you going to explain this to people?” And normally I would have to come up with a reason otherwise I may not write or create it as openly as I would like because I don’t want to have to try to explain something I don’t have an explanation for. (That usually doesn’t cut it in the “adult” world.) Most of my art is spontaneous. Whatever pops up at the time is what I prefer to put down. I once said that I like to make random thoughts into art. I do. But this time it was different.  This time I heard a different voice inside of me, this time from my heartspace which said, “You Are The Artist.” and I responded, “I Am The Artist.” Hmm, I like the sound of that. This was what I talked about in my first blog entry here on wordpress earlier in the beginning of the year. I am going to make a second entry where I show some of the other drawings I did during that period. They are much more detailed and complex. Anyways, Bingo it is and that’s a bit of the story behind it. Check me out on Facebook and on Instagram




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