Big Red

Big Red

I wasn’t completely sure which image to post for today, I have been doing a fair amount of photographing since I got my DSLR a week ago. I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m leaving it on Auto for the time being until I learn more. This painting here which I have decided to call Big Red has been through many lives. I am almost sad because at one point, before I pulled everything out of the paint this painting was definitely one of my best. Ever. It was a creation the likes of which I had never made before, full of color, objects, everything imaginable: a firetruck, lego guys, spoons, forks, knives, mardi gras beads, even a bottle. I’m pretty sure there was a t-shirt thrown in there too. All kinds of colors red, blue, purple, yellow, it was a scene of complete chaos and I loved it. My working title was -9/11 With Paint- although I didn’t admit that to very many people for fear of offending anybody. But I just couldn’t escape the 9/11 reference with the fire truck and all of the chaos and destruction taking place around it. As has happened all to often in the past, some of my greatest pieces have come and gone without a decent photo and now all I have is my memory and a few poor quality pictures to show for it. Oh, one more thing, (this is epic) I decided to submit the (original) painting in for my final project for Sculpture I class in college since I needed to turn something in soon and hadn’t been working on anything else, but I decided it would not be complete without adding a couple of firecrackers to the piece to be set off in class of course. My instructor told me to “ask forgiveness not permission”. Words of wisdom. Everything went as planned for my presentation I even had a “photographer” friend (don’t get me started on photographer friends) at the scene to take pictures. We brought the painting out to the loading dock and set off the fireworks one on either side (in the painting that is), the type that spray a bunch of colorful sparks in the air. It was perfect, the colorful sparks matched the colors on the painting and it was 30 seconds of the coolest concotion I have ever created. lo and behold the memory card got corrupted and once again I have no pictures other than my poor memories (my memory is quite poor by the way) to show for it. What are you gonna do? Good things come and go, bad things come and go, I don’t let it bother me too much because I have many bigger, more epic pieces to create before I leave this planet, miles to go before I sleep as they say. But still, it would have been nice to have had it photographed properly. Which is why I am so glad to finally have a professional camera of my own. The days of poor documentation are gone!


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