You Are The Artist

You Are The Artist

You Are The Artist. This marks a new level of creation for me. This was a profound realization I had earlier this year where I was drawing and all of a sudden, I looked at what I was drawing and realized that I was the artist. I AM THE ARTIST OF MY WORK. And I make MY artwork, not my art teacher’s, not society’s, not Picasso’s, nor Van Gogh’s, but MINE. The art that I make is MY OWN. Nobody else can make it. Nobody else has any say in it’s creation. As I continued drawing, a conversation within myself occurred where I would say to myself “I am the artist” and myself would respond in turn, “YOU are the artist.” It was one of the most beautiful and intimate experiences I have had with myself and for the first time I felt that I was completely free in the making of my artwork. I realized that I could create ANYTHING that I wanted to and only I had the power to say whether it was good or bad, whether it was a mistake or not. It even went a step further, for a moment in time I truly understood that I could not make a wrong decision in my artwork. I was fearless. No matter what I choose to do, it would be ok, because it was mine and nobody else’s. The drawings I made during that period and the week that followed are some of my most profound creations ever. They mark the beginning of a whole new direction, and I will share them with the world when the time is right. For now, this image gets the message across just fine. After all, it’s my art.



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